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Welcome to SUTD Gunpla!

Who We Are

SUTD Gunpla Club is a club of dedicated plastic model builders. Whether it be planes, boats, Gundam plastic models, Frame-Arms-Girls, etc… We welcome you all to join us if you have a love for plastic models and a desire to do more!

What We Do

SUTD Gunpla works yearly on several major projects, besides our members’ own plastic models. We’ve been participating yearly as exhibitors at Makerfaire / Makers Extravaganza, so you might have seen our work there.

Large-Scale Model Building

Gunpla holds club-wide activities on an ad-hoc basis - All members are welcome to pitch new ideas for a large project, regardless of seniority. Be warned, though: If you pitch an idea and people are willing, you’ll need to follow it through, hell or high water.

Check out some of our previous work!


Commission Work

Besides large-scale models, Gunpla Club takes on commissioned work from the school, usually for highly-visible displays. We’ve worked on both the X18 scale model for the launch of SUTD Academy and the centrepiece for the 10th Anniversary celebrations, the light-up tree model mounted on top of the Momo robot.



We also tinker… a lot. Come swing by and see how we print and manufacture things to improve the little things in our lives!

How To Find Us

If you’ve read all this and are interested to join, you may contact us in any of the following ways:

  • email us at [gunpla (at) club (dot)]
  • Reach out to us on Instagram @gunplacollege
  • Or come on down on Fridays, 7-10pm at Room 5.401 (the Student Activities Centre)